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An idea leads to success

Delta Strike is the world’s fastest-growing laser tag manufacturers.

Doug Willems first bought a laser tag center in 2004. He soon identified the industry as tired and lacking in new ideas. He knew that to design a superior laser tag system, you need to have owned a laser tag center to know exactly what the system needs, and what the customers want. 

Doug Willems and Dave Lowe

Doug Willems and Dave Lowe

The suppliers need to be aware of the needs and desires of an operator and their customers on a day to day basis. They also need to know the common problems that laser tag business owners face, and how to avoid them through better product design.

​So that’s exactly what Doug did. While still operating his own laser tag center, he recruited the engineering skill of Dave Lowe, and Delta Strike was born. Dave was also surprised at the lack of technical progress in laser tag equipment, and was happy to join the team.

Inspiration and early versions

Keen to make an impact on the industry, Dave and Doug drew inspiration from the video games they enjoy playing. This is why Delta Strike’s system uses more video game elements than any other laser tag manufacturers.

With Doug’s business expertise, and Dave’s technical skills, the duo spent years developing early versions of the Delta Strike system. While the early versions saw some success, it was the 2012 Revolution and Evolution products that really hit it big.

An exciting future

Delta Strike needed to bring in some more sales talent.They found it in former International Laser Tag Association director Shane Zimmerman, Sony representative Roger Frei, and the marketing experience of Karl McCarrison.

They also added the engineering expertise of William Pauli-McCahon (BEngTech) and the vast software knowledge provided by Daryl Davidson. The team set out securing contracts with family entertainment giants AMF Bowling, and Main Event Entertainment. They continue to grow year upon year.

Delta Strike are always coming up with new ideas, and they are proud to be able to say the whole team is very excited about their future projects.

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