XD Theater

7D Theater

7D Theater

7D Theater is a cinema and ride simulator that provides an immersive experience to your customers!

XD Theater

360° Dome

360° Virtual Fantasy Experience

360 Dome - XD Theater

The VR & 360° ride offers audiences a full VR experience for themed virtual roller coaster rides.

Riders wear VR headsets and are seated in full-motion effect seats for the full-body roller coaster fantasy experience.

Mini Capsule

Small on size, big on features

The Mini Capsule has been designed perfectly that can hold up to 8 seats (two rows), with a large 3D Screen, and the mini capsule can be placed at any location at expos, malls, museums, and more.

xd theater mini capsule

7D Theater Max

A turnkey solution for the most enthralling theater experience.

7D XD Theater

Advanced full-motion effect cinema seats provide a range of motions – forward and backward tilting, continuous waves, swaying, vigorous rides, and gentle, fly mode movement, suitable even for full-length films.

The seats offer personal effects, including seat vibration, leg tickling, face and neck air blasts, and water spray.

7D Theater Custom

Seats can easily be installed anywhere

We supply the most advanced, full turnkey solutions to the 4D theater industry worldwide.

With Delta Strike theaters offering the widest range of special effects, VR seats, and more thrilling, immersive entertainment offerings, we can provide a custom system.

Custom XD Theater


Large library of 3D films from which customers can choose

XD Theater attractions

We provide custom-made content created by our own in-house production team and cutting-edge graphic art studios that create and develop interactive 3D movies for the 4D, 5D, or 7D theater and Virtual Reality 360º films the highest cinematographic standards and advanced technology.

Our system is open, which enables the use of the content of ANY film from any vendor (customers are not required to get their films from us).

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