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7D Theater Max

7D Theater Max offer a turnkey solution for the most enthralling theater experience

7D Max - XD Theater

The most advanced full motion effect seats provide a range of motions – forward and backward tilting, continuous waves, swaying, vigorous rides, and gentle, fly mode movement, suitable even for full-length films.

The seats offer personal effects including seat vibration, leg tickling, face and neck air blasts and water spray.

Run by a central control system, the theaters use an HD video player; a complete 7.1 audio – video system; 3D screen; HD 3D projectors; 3D film packages; and 3D glasses. A hall effects package includes scents, bubbles, wind, smoke, and more.


7d max xd theater

Seats: 8 or 12
Width: 20.8 ft (6.34 m)
Length: 22.6 ft (6.89 m)

Height: 13.9 ft (4.24 m)
Screen: 136″ x 76.5″ (2.1 x 2.3 m)

This unit comes complete with:

  • Fiberglass structure
  • Custom made outer design
  • Acoustics
  • 3D Screen
  • Lights
  • On-site installation
  • Flooring
mini capsule xd theater
mini capsule xd theater

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