360° Dome Theater

360° Dome Virtual Fantasy Experience

360 Dome - XD Theater

The 360° Dome offers audiences a full VR experience for themed virtual roller coaster rides.

Riders wear VR headsets and are seated in full-motion effect seats for the full-body roller coaster fantasy experience.

Developed artistically designed cars that can hold 4 and 8 riders and can be placed at any location at expos, malls, museums, and more.


360 Dome

Seats: 8 or 12
Width: 19.2 ft (5.85 m)
Length: 19.2 ft (5.85 m)

Height: 14.9 ft (4.54 m)
Screen: 8’2 x 9’1 (2.5 x 2.8 m)

This unit comes complete with:

  • Dome Frame and Skins
  • The geodesic frame (aluminum or steel)
  • Blackout cover
  • Projection interior cover/screen
  • Negative-pressure system
  • Curtains
  • Dome assembly manual
  • Installation services
360 dome xd theater
360 dome xd theater

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